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My Day Out...


elcome to the start of your magazine inspired photoshoot. Well, it all starts here...


   We start by designing your shoot. We will have a pre-shoot consultation in your home, in a mine or via Zoom. We will choose a "Style scheme" and overall mood. Let's go through your closet and my studio wardrobe (which is ever-expanding) and pick the best outfits that flatter your shape and style. I would love you to have a minimum of 3 different outfits, but maybe choose a fourth and bring something you would never normally wear. Everyone leaves the studio feeling great. It is a very secure place to express yourself. So bring that outfit you never dared to wear.


    I have created several guides for you that will help you prepare for your shoot. Everything is in there. From how many days before your shoot you should get your hair cut & colored to whether that spray tan is a good idea. (Hint: It is not a bad thing regardless of what other photographers say. Head over to to book)

   After your photo session, I will personally and tastefully edit each portrait. How much editing is done is entirely up to you and this is something we will discuss during our pre-consultation. Each photographer's edits are like fingerprints, so if you like the photos on my site, you will love your photos! And finally, the moment you have been waiting for, your personalized reveal session!! Have a glass of wine or a lovely tea. Touch your prints. Hold them in your hand. See them on a wall. Fall in love with yourself through the eyes of someone else.

The more fun I had, the better I did. - Bill Murray

Not sure what to wear? Check out these style guides. 

Style Guide #1
Style Guide - Killer Curves


Exist in print for the next generation.

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