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My name is Jodi Birston. I have spent the last 24 years in the corporate business world and the last 10 years learning to be a portrait photographer. (However, my affair with a camera started when I was in grade 6!) I've taken the knowledge I gained in business, added my photography skills, and rolled out a portrait business that will provide you with the best portrait experience you have ever had. This isn't our parent's "Sears Portraits" session! This is all about you! During our consultation, I will get to know you, your style, your fears and use that knowledge to create something you love. Something your family will cherish both now and in generations to come.

Can you hear it? "Damn! Great Grandma was a smokin' babe!" 

And that's where we are going.     Is this nerve-racking?  You bet!  -  Is learning to pose easy?  Hell No!

                                                                            Will we laugh and have a good time?  Guaranteed! 

Why am I so committed to this? Because I feel old. I feel fat. I need to lose 10 pounds. I hate photos of myself. And I have no photos of myself with my son. That is a travesty. There should be a law against everything I just said about myself. But one day I had a nice photo take where I was posed properly and just like that my path was lit. LIT WITH FIRE!! And I want that for every man or woman who is feeling like I do. I want you to see yourself through a new set of eyes. We are really mean to ourselves. Let's shut that voice down.

                 Everyone deserves a portrait of themselves that they love...

                                                                       Be Brave. You and I have this locked down!

And now lets hear about you...

Thank you! We will talk soon!

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